In Washington DC, many forms of gambling are legal, including land-based bingo, online and off-site sports betting, and retail and online lotteries.

However, Washington DC has only recently legalized gambling, and internet casinos still lag behind states like NJ and PA in terms of popularity. With the establishment of William Hill in the region in 2020, online sports betting became legally available there (now Caesars). For online casino, we can recommend you Irish luck, one of the best platform in north america.

Washington DC Gambling Age

Washington DC’s legal gambling age is 18. Underage gaming is prohibited in Washington and has serious repercussions, including problem gambling. A civil violation involving underage gambling carries a maximum $125 punishment, a maximum of four hours of community service, court expenses, and the confiscation of any winnings.


Before 1982, in Washington DC, no-one could gamble legally. The District Lottery established itself at that time. It remains the only legal gambling activity in the District of Columbia. The Washington D.C. Lottery also regulates charity gaming, which generates very little money.

The Washington D.C. City Council authorized online poker and casino games as a component of the lottery on April 7, 2011. The three biggest poker sites that admitted Americans, PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, and Absolute Poker, disappeared from the market a week later on Black Friday. The proposal was included in a budget but was never discussed. Outside horse racing, Washington, D.C. was the first state in the nation to permit any type of internet gambling.

Poker and casinos in Washington, D.C., would have been accessible twenty hours a day. As is the case with all legislation that originate with the Washington D.C. City Council, Congress had the power to veto the measure within 30 days of its adoption. This was unsuccessful.

The bill’s proponent was Councilman Michael A. Brown. Brown received accusations of unethical behavior. The city council abolished the rule in February 2012 following numerous hearings on the subject of regulated internet gambling held around the District of Columbia. In April 2013, Nevada would be the first state to introduce regulated internet poker. In November 2013, Delaware became the first state to offer fully legal casino games.


Professional gambling charges can carry criminal serious charges.

Depending on the severity of the crime, criminal charges can range from a class B felony to gross misdemeanor. If found guilty of gross misdemeanor fines start from $5, 000 with the most serious charges resulting in prison time.

Law for different types of Washington DC Gambling


The District Lottery is the only legal gaming option authorized in Washington, D.C. Video lottery terminals, keno, scratch-off tickets, and lotto drawings are all permitted. Acccording to sources, someone plays keno every four minutes daily. Scratch-off tickets on video are essentially what video lottery machines are. The games don’t offer poker or keno.

Washington D.C. controls charitable gaming. To host bingo, raffle drawings, or casino nights, these charity organizations must register with the lottery.
Gamblers who want to make a few bets in a casino in Washington, D.C., will need to find elsewhere.

Online Sports Betting

Since 2020, Washington, DC, has allowed online sports betting. Different regulations apply to sports betting in DC than they do in other US states with legalized gambling.
There is mobile sports betting, however in order to place bets, you must be two blocks or less from the retail sportsbook of your betting app. For instance, you have to be two blocks or less from Nationals Park in order to use the BetMGM app.

Professional Gambling

If you knowingly permit illegal gambling activities on your property and have a significant stake in it or other influence over it, you could face legal consequences and professional gambling charges.

Definition of Washington Gambling professionally

What is the definition of Professional Gambling? If, while acting in a capacity other than that of a player, you knowingly:

Participate in behavior that directly supports gambling of any kind
Pay a fee to play cards, enter a lottery or engage in another type of gambling;
Receive cash or other assets as compensation for taking part in gambling activities.

Behavior may involve actions aimed at:

  • Developing or establishing the specific game, competition, plan, or device
  • Acquiring or maintaining the property, accessories, apparatus, or equipment
  • Inviting or compelling people to take part in the activities
  • Carrying out the playing phases
  • Organizing any of its operational phases, including its recording or financial phases

Poker Online

Despite the fact that online poker is illegal in Washington, DC, social casino websites nonetheless let you play the exciting game for free. Poker game variations including Texas Hold ‘Em and Three Card Poker are available at social and sweepstakes casinos like BetRivers.

A wonderful method to learn the game and hone your poker skills without having to risk any of your own money is to play poker at social casinos.

Social Casinos

Despite the fact that internet casinos are not permitted by DC gambling regulations, you can register with a social casino site and play your preferred casino games for free.

You cannot win real money at websites like BetRivers, but you also don’t have to worry about putting your money at danger. By registering and proving your age, you may play fascinating games like slots, blackjack, roulette, and d more.

Sports Betting

Sports betting is prohibited in Washington State, except at Tribal casinos that have updated Class III compacts as a result of the enactment of House Bill 2638 in March 2020.

Washington DC Gambling law and regulations

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